Before contacting support please check this FAQ

System requirements

• OS: Microsoft Windows 7 and higher
• 32 bit or 64 bit system
• Minimum CPU: 1 Core 2 GHz or MultiCore 1,5 GHz
• Minimum RAM: 2 GB
• HDD: 1 GB free space
• Minimum screen resolution: 1280 x 720
• Internet connection – license key validation and updates
• Microsoft Office 2010 and higher - for generating print output
• NET 4.6.2 and NET 3.5
• The application is of the ClickOnce type, it is installed in the profile of the specific user who runs the application

Backup and restore

Data can be backed up and restored by Export and Import function, located in File menu. He highly recommended to backup data on regular basis, because data are stored on your computer or server.

Language versions

Application can be switched between language versions. The language version can be set in the menu File. After switching language all menus, forms and built-in print templates are displayed in selected language. Data you entered to application stays in language you used.

Internet connection is required

When installing and running the application, the computer must be connected to the Internet, otherwise the application will not start. The license validity is checked over the Internet.

Print output is not displayed

You must have at least Microsoft Office 2010 installed on your computer. Make sure you have only one version of Microsoft Office installed. The application uses Microsoft Word for print output.

Multiple computers and multiple users

Operation on multiple computers and multiple users is licensed under the Enterprise edition. The application can be operated both by data storage and in terminal mode (RDP, RemoteApp)

Records of processing activities and processors from outside the EU

The application solves interconnection of records on processing and data transfer activities outside the EU at the level of processors. If you specify that the processor is located outside the EU and you select that processor for the processing activity record, the application automatically generates information when printing that the data from that processing activity record is transferred to countries outside the EU.

Proportionality test

If we use the legal basis The legitimate interest is appropriate to carry out a proportionality test. The justification of the result of the proportionality test is entered in the note of the Processing Activity Record. We can attach the entire test in electronic form to the Processing Activity Record using the Documents with Personal Data module.

Registration of employees' names in the application

If you are a larger organization or do not wish to do so, you do not have to record the names of employees, but enter the name of the employee position, eg accountant, directly in the Name or function field. This will then be generated into appropriate documents. E.g. to the Authorized Person's Instruction.

Authorized Person Instruction

It is a print report that clearly shows which records of processing activity the person should have access to. The selection of the person to access the processing activity record is made directly above the specific record via the right mouse button and the Authorized Persons module.

This can also serve as a basis for IT to which systems and functions the person should have access.

Records of computers in the application

As with employees, it is not necessary to register specific computers in the application, but if you have computers configured uniformly, then you can register computers for example by job position. E.g. accountant PC

More information:

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