Functions and differences in editions of xGDPR 2019

xGDPR Lite xGDPR Express xGDPR Enterprise
Instalation on PC / Server PC Windows PC Windows Client/Server
Distribution Elektronic license Elektronic license Elektronic license
Allowed installations 1 PC 1 PC Individual
Number of registered companies * 1 company 1 company - extensible 1 company - extensible
Maintanance No fees No fees Individual plan
Custom services
xGDPR Reader
Server edition
Installation on more PCs
More registered companies in software
Individual training
Company informations
GDPR methodology settings
Records of data processors and contracts
Records of processing activities including all parameters needed by Article 30 of GDPR
DPIA analysis
Transparent wiew of processing records (Paper/electronic/both)
Import/Export of infividual processing records - Advantage for DPOs of multiple companies
Multiple filtering of processing records
Evidence of person concerned - Advantage for small companies without DMS
Print output
Custom edited templates
Incident records with print output
Import/export of all data
Czech version and print templates
Slovak version and print templates
Ennglish version and print templates
Model of GDPR directive - custom editable print template
Sample Personal Data Processing Principles - custom editable print template
GDPR output analysis - custom editable print template
Saving print output to PDF/DOCX
Upgrade to a higher edition

* License is fixed to company ID