Brief description


  • Records of processing activities specified in Article 30 of Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR)
  • Printing of documents, guidelines, processing principles
  • Incident records including deletion requests, disputes, security incidents, etc
  • Registration of documents with personal data
  • Manage multiple companies in one place, if allowed by the edition you purchased
  • Print output analysis including evaluation of the state entered in the application

GDPR Software
Dashboard - GDPR management software

Introduction of GDPR

The Application Wizard guides you through the steps through the GDPR status analysis. In the application you enter some information about your company, such as employees or their positions, buildings, rooms and their security. How to deal with backup, what IT systems you own. Whether you use processors, whether or not they are in the EU, whether you have a processing contract signed with them.

Please provide this information as it is, not as you think it should be. Only in the case of truthfully entered data can the application help you in areas where you have weaknesses, that you can improve

Records of processing activities

The basis of the application is the files of records of processing activities according to Article 30 of Regulation 679/2016. The records can be sorted according to various parameters, eg which form contains the date of birth, to which processors we hand over the data, etc.

For each record of processing activity, we register the legal basis, processing time, whether we hand over data to the processor, whether this record may contain information about the child, where the data is stored (electronically / paper / both), what personal data we require from the data subject and more.


Records of processing activities - GDPR management software

Printout - GDPR management software

Printouts and templates

The application offers various printouts.

  • Record of processing activities
  • Informative Supplement - Informs the data subject about the data being processed, the data subject's rights and the controller's duties
  • Guideline template with filled application data
  • Privacy policy with filled application data
  • Output analysis
  • And others

You can select multiple records and print selected records. The application will offer for which print outputs the operation is suitable.

The application includes the possibility to create your own outputs. A manual is available to guide you on how to create these printouts and how to link your own printouts to the data stored in the application.

Documents with personal data

We added module “Documents with personal data” to version 2019. This function is suitable eg for smaller companies with documents containing personal data are mostly in paper form. In this module, we record where the document is stored, what personal data it contains and which persons it relates to. In the module it is possible to search in which documents the required person appears.

After searching, we will check in specific documents that they contain data about the person and perform the actions required of us.

This feature is also useful for DPOs who look for where the necessary documents should be stored and can instruct individual workers to prepare materials for them to act within the legal deadline.


Documents with personal data - GDPR management software
Record of event - GDPR management software

Records of events

The application register the records of events. An event may be, for example, a request for erasure, an objection to the processing of personal data, a request to provide information on what you record to the interviewer. A separate category is security incidents such as data loss, data corruption and so on, especially of a nature that must be reported to the supervisory authority. The last category in this module is the record of internal audits and training.

Each entry in this register is dated origin, status, what kind of incident it may contain an attachment. A printout of these events is also available so that the resolution process can then be made available to the supervisory authority in printed or electronic form.

xGDPR Reader - Enterprise edition only

It is standalone application designed for read-only records of processing activities. The application is suitable for companies with branched structure.

The application serves for a simple inventory of records of processing activity at a specific workplace. It is an ideal assistant for transferring the methodology to the workplace where personal data is handled and for obtaining feedback, carrying out checks, etc.

Thanks to this, it is possible to include employees in the process of implementation and administration of GDPR, where they have an overview of what data they work in the given workplace, while DPO or an authorized person will fully control the methodology, set legal titles and other tasks xGDPR Enterprise. In this way, the DPO will align the internal methodology with the reality of the given workplace based on information from a worker who has installed xGDPR Reader.

xGDPR Reader